Soon Hiang Tau Sar Pneah

Tau Sar Pneah (also known as tambun biscuits) has been a hit in penang ever since Ghee Hiang and Him Heang became famous. Nowadays, most people who visit penang would carry home some of this penang local delicacy biscuits as gifts. 🙂

During my friend’s recent visit to penang, one of them suggested a homemade biscuits shop for tau sau pneah rather than our usual spot – the well known Ghee Hiang and Him Heang. According to him, this homemade recipe Tambun biscuits is much more tastier. Since I did not know the place back then, and we were on a rush, we did not manage to visit this biscuit shop.

Soon Hiang bakery is located at Jalan Kuantan, one of the road intersection along Jalan Dato Keramat. their packaging is simple and biscuits availability are limited. This house-like biscuit shop is located on your left when you turn in from Jalan Dato Keramat.

During my visit, even though there was only 1 customer besides me at the shop, there was no stock for all variety of biscuits except one last box of Tau Sar Pneah. The Auntie showed me a list of orders from her regular customers, and explain that all the biscuits are already pre-booked by their customers and requested me to call them up to make booking in the future.Happily, I bought the last box of Tambun biscuits and headed home. 🙂 Being unable to resist the nice smell of the biscuits since it was fresh from the oven, I took a bite from it. yum yum…. it taste good indeed! Definitely better than Ghee Hiang and Him Heang as well. Maybe because I took it while it was hot? The biscuit is crispy from the outside while the Tar Sar paste melts in your mouth, plus it has a very nice aroma too! 🙂 I simply love it! Comparably, Ghee Hiang Tambun biscuit have less aroma, the biscuits is rather hard than crispy, while the green been paste is lumpy / chunks rather than having the melts in your mouth kind of texture. Him Heang Tambun biscuits texture is more alike Soon Hiang, but in terms of the level of crispness and melts in your mouth texture, it is definitely better . (At least while its hot, it is definitely better!)

The price of one-box of Soon Hiang Tambun biscuits cost RM9 as of today. They are having simple box packaging. (not individually packed), thus might be less inconvenient than Ghee Hiang’s version.

Do give it a try if you have yet to try this penang little treasure. And if you are wondering on how to get to Jalan Kuantan, from Komtar, go along Jalan Dato Keramat (you should pass through GAMA), go straight until you pass Penang Times Square, there is a traffic light right after the traffic light, keep to your left, and turn into Jalan Kuantan. It is the second turning after Penang Times Square. Soon Hiang will be on your left.

Soon Hiang 36, Jalan Kuantan